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What is a country level domain, ccTLD

Each country and territory in the world has its own country-code based top-level domain name (ccTLD). The United Kingdom, for instance, uses .uk. France uses .fr, Germany .de, and so on. Each country domain has its own rules and regulations about who can register.

Why register a ccTLD when I have .com domain

This is because even with a .com or .net domain name, your brand may be exposed. Make sure you claim it first. With country-code or country level domain names you can prevent unauthorized use of your trademarks, brands, and licensed names as domain names worldwide.

How long does it take to register a ccTLD

This depends. Once we receive the required information, it generally takes no more than 48 hours to prepare and submit the application to the appropriate registry. The majority of notices confirming that the registration has been processed are received within 5 business days after submission. However, some registries can take up to 6 to 8 weeks to complete a registration.

How much does a ccTLD cost per year

Unless otherwise specified (and depending upon the country in which you wish to register your domain name), all our country level domain name registration services comes with 30Mb Web hosting, 5 POP3 mailboxes, unlimited hits and traffic, optional forwarding capabilities, and unlimited email addresses associated with your domain from USD35 to USD150 per domain name per year. Please note that some registries require domain names to be registered for at least 2 years at first registration.

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