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CNN financial news report - unorthodox by industry standards

Established in 1996, understands how people hate bad companies approaching customers with very low registration prices and then charge them with a dozen of other service fees. At, our prices are always "final", meaning that for just one price, you get everything you need to start your Web site. Take a look now and compare our prices and you will see how we have been able to keep ourselves in business and at the same time offering such a good value. The way we run our business is unorthodox by industry standards. The company's servers, systems and interfaces are all built in-house by our own engineers, and our global staff of 35 is tiny for a company that maintains tens of thousands of Web sites. That makes for a demanding work schedule but is one that is worthy! See what CNN says about Wyith Incorporated, the operating company of Wyith Ltd d/b/a and you will believe what we promise:

Download the entire 256k video clip (4.1Mb), view it with 64k/ISDN modem or 56k modem, or listen to it in 32k stereo or 16k mono

"Surviving in a devastated dot-com world, CNN Financial News has the story of a player that got in long before the boom and ... has found the program for success, making it in the mist of the dot-com downfall ... its strategy of keeping costs down and not burning up a lot of cash in just getting started has proven to be a winner."

CNN Financial News

Read now and see for yourself the report from CNN Financial News on Wyith Incorporated, the operating company of Wyith Ltd d/b/a and you will see how we manage to keep our promises by running an extremely tight ship.

If you still wonder how we can charge as low as USD35 per year (compare our prices) for all this and still be in business, then here's more information.

First of all, we spend our money very carefully. We plan thoroughly every single advertisement we launch and streamline all our administration and billing processes; we do not spend money on expensive funritures, luxurious office equipment but rather we spend money on reliable and secure servers, system bandwidth and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Second, we do business the good, old-fashioned way. There are no tricks in whatever we do, and we always stick to the reliable business principles. This is why we're happy to tell you that we're a small but very profitable company that expects to be in business for the decades to come. All this, of course, is because of wise and value-conscious customers like you.

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