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Check names in Shift-JIS Japanese characters

Registering multilingual domain names is highly critical for businesses given the growth in the Japanese web market! Check your favourite names now and take advantage of our FREE bundled services now!

Please fill in the multilingual name to check.


Have a problem checking your multilingual domain name? Can't find your language? Got a problem with your character encodings? Have problems with entering multilingual names? Contact us now

   1. 30Mb virtual web hosting with FTP support
   2. 5 POP3 mailboxes (10Mb each)
   3. own CGI-BIN Perl 5.8 +PHP5 +SSI
   4. MySQL ver 14.12 distribute 5.0
   5. password protected directories
   6. HTTP-based Realvideo/audio streaming
   7. unlimited email addresses with your domain
   8. unlimited traffic and hits
   9. web-based configuration interface

Multilingual names are operational

Do you know the multilingual domain names are working already? Don't wait any longer because is one of the very few registration providers to offer you FREE multilingual Web hosting when you register a multilingual domain name with us. Please choose the character encoding you need below and check to see if your multilingual domain name is still available.

Select another character set

ISO-8859-1 West European | ISO-8859-2 Central European | ISO-8859-7 Greek | ISO-8859-9 Turkish | KSC5601 Korean | BIG5 Traditional Chinese | GB2312 Simplified Chinese

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