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Wyith Limited d/b/a does not tolerate UBE (Unauthorized Bulk Email) and will not allow our servers or services to be used for such purposes.

If you are here because you get the following error message in your returned email, that means your email had been rejected by our mailservers because either the mailserver or the connection through which you have sent your email was listed on a public blacklist.

Please note that when your email was bounced back to you, you should also get a reason why it had been rejected. For example,

In the above example, the warning code DSBL WARNING indicates on which public blacklist your connection is listed so that you can forward it to your ISP's postmaster to follow up the case. The blacklisted IP address is also given in the above, in this case, it is 111.222.333.444 (caution: this is just an example). Explanation for the warning codes are listed as follows.


In addition to the above public blacklist warning codes, there are also two types of warning codes called the dynamic IP and the administrative block which refers to the dynamic IP address range or IP addresses previously known to be used by hackers to attempt to gain unauthorized access to our systems or virus attack agents trying to spread email viruses. If you happen to get this code, please inform us immediately.

More about open relays

Open relays are mailservers that have been proved to be somehow mis-used or hi-jacked by hackers to send massive amounts of mail which is otherwise unrelated to the owner of this mailserver. Most such abusive sessions are initiated by junk emailers, the spammers, attempting to covertly distribute their unwanted messages all over the Internet.

Blocking open relay or spam-friendly mailservers

Not only we block emails from spam sources, most of the major ISPs around the world do so as well. If you are doing business with companies in United States, Europe or UK, you are highly suggested to NOT use an open relay mailserver or a connection listed in these blacklists because in most cases your emails will either never be sent or will be quietly discarded by the recipients mailservers.

How to remove spam filter

If you are a customer of any one of our Web divisions, including Wyith Limited d/b/a or, you can always contact us to get these filters off your domain name service. Please understand that this spam filtering is a service by default and you will need to specifically ask us to remove this for you if you do not like it. There is no charge for the spam filtering service to be removed.

However, if you are not one of our customers, you can either contact your ISP's system administrator; or you may wish to get a free email address from and send us the rejected email and we will investigate your case as soon as possible.

Warning to potential bulk mailers and spammers

If we receive complaints about spamming, we will redirect the site and email boxes associated with the domain name in question for a period of no less than 2 days. The registrant will be required to respond by email to us stating that they will cease to send UBE and/or have UBE sent on their behalf. If repeated complaints were found on different occations, we will require a USD100.00 reactivation fee to be paid before the site or email boxes are reactivated.

In the event that we receive further complaints after the site has been unlocked for the first time, we will terminate the hosting and email boxes associated with domain name in question. The domain name in question will also be confiscated by Wyith Limited, our Web services sub-division, provided the domain is registered with us as a registrar or through us with any other accredited registrars.

Please send us your complaints.

System Adminstrator, a Wyith Sub-division

Thank you for your business.

Wyith Limited d/b/a

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