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Configuring your Email Aliases

While you can purchase POP3 mailboxes from which you can connect to for sending and receiving email with an email program, all email activity for web hosting clients are conducted through email aliases. These aliases can be anything you want, consisting of alphanumerics, dashes, periods and underlines.

You can make up any email name you want for your domain name and specify the target email address to which the email is delivered. Any email sent to this address will be sent to the target address you specified if it is found as an alias. Email aliases can be directed in one of two ways to what we call your target addresses. Case one. You can set your target address to your username, like and have your emails route to your POP3 mailbox. Case two. You can also set your target address to the email address you want the email to be forwarded to, e.g.

Unlimited Email Aliases

There is no additional charge if you require any number of email aliases/addresses associated with your own domain name. For questions, please contact us.

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