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Multilingual names are operational

Do you know the multilingual domain names are working already? Don't wait any longer because is one of the very few registration providers to offer you FREE multilingual Web hosting when you register a multilingual domain name with us. Please choose the character encoding you need below and check to see if your multilingual domain name is still available.

Western European ISO-8859-1 The ISO-8859-1 character set covers most West European languages, including Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Afrikaans, Albanian, Basque, Catalan, Danish, Faroese, Finnish, Galician, Icelandic, Irish, Norwegian, Scottish, and Swedish.
Check domain in ISO-8859-1
Central European ISO-8859-2 The ISO-8859-2 character set covers most Central and Eastern Europe languages, including Slovenian, Slovak, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, and Croatian.
Check domain in ISO-8859-2
Greek ISO-8859-7 This is the ISO-8859-7 Greek character set.
Check domain in ISO-8859-7
Turkish ISO-8859-9 The is the ISO-8859-9 Turkish character set.
Check domain in ISO-8859-9
Korean KSC/KSC5601 This is the Korean Standard (KSC5601) encoding.
Check domain in KSC5601
Japanese Shift-JIS This is the Japanese Industry Standard (Shift-JIS).
Check domain in Shift-JIS
Traditional Chinese BIG5 This is the BIG5 encoding for traditional Chinese characters. This character set is commonly used in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan (a.k.a. Republic of China).
Check domain in BIG5
Simplified Chinese GB/GB2312 This is the GB2312 encoding for simplified Chinese characters and is the national standard character set used in the People's Republic of China, also used by Chinese living in Singapore or Malaysia.
Check domain in GB2312

Learn about character variants in traditional/simplified Chinese

Why multilingual domain names

Since the beginning of the Internet, the domain name system (DNS) has only allowed Internet addresses based on English characters. Recent research, Forrester Research, indicates that 50% of current Internet users speak English and by 2005 (est.) only one-third of users will use English for online communication.

In recognition of this need for multilingual domain names, Verisign GRS has announced a testbed for Internationalised Domain Name registrations. The test bed is designed to allow registration of ASCII-encoded multilingual domain names using the Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP). Multilingual domain names can be registered as second level domains under .com, .net or .org. The multilingual domain names will be stored using Row-based ASCII-Compatible Encoding (referred to as RACE) in the Verisign GRS.

Via Melbourne IT, and other multilingual partners, including ChinaDNS, CNNIC and i-DNS, accepted participation and successfully developed a multilingual client to convert a native language domain into an acceptable string that can be processed and stored by the Verisign GRS. In this regard, on October 20, 2000, Melbourne IT successfully completed the Multilingual Certification Evaluation for each of the above new languages in which we intend to register names. has now progressed to prepare the registration system to offer these languages for multilingual domain names to Business Partners and is also working closely with Melbourne IT and Verisign GRS to incorporate RRP 1.2.0 commands.

Resolving domain names

Resolution is a process by which a domain name is translated into an IP address, allowing Internet users to access Web sites. Multilingual names are now resolvable on a test-basis and during a next phase, Verisign GRS will include the multilingual domain names in the Top Level Domain Zone files so that they can be normally resolved by the Internet's DNS infrastructure. It should be noted that resolution of names would occur in a phased approach to allow for sufficient testing of the process. Meanwhile, you can download or install one of the following to have multilingual names enabled with your browser.

You'll need Adobe Acrobat to download the following material.

Multilingual browser plug-ins

Get i-Nav IDN browser plugin 
Install iResolve for Microsoft Internet Explorer
iClient 3.14 for any browsers
NJStar 2.1 CJKV multilingual viewer

WIPO research material

Multilingual domain intellectual property considerations
Language statistics on the Internet
Contracting members of pertinent international IP treaties
List of internationalized domain name cases
Multilingual trademarks: Trademark office practice and procedure

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